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One of my favorite views is early in the morning on the balcony of my mother's condo in Orange Beach.

I am a Christian, husband, father, writer, tech geek, online seller, sci-fi fan, political junky, picker, thrifter, television enthusiast, cat person, dog person, movie lover, and book reader.

My interests have led me into several endeavors, including a political consulting firm, tech blog, freelance writing, website design, marketing consulting and selling books, toys, vintage collectibles and other assorted things online.

Professionally, I'm an assignment editor and the community engagement editor at The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi's largest newspaper and best source of news. 

If you want to connect with me online, you can at Twitter, Facebook and my blog.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to get in contact with me with any questions or project proposals.